Auto Clean Up

We understand the sensitive and painful nature of these situations and can quickly get to work on the crime scene clean up or suicide clean up. We are able to provide a bid within only hours after the scene is released by the police, and clean up can usually begin immediately. We try as much as possible to clean any personal belongings so that the family can decide if it is something that they do not want.

Car Cleaning - Removing an Animal from an EngineIf a vehicle is involved, we can remove the vehicle to our site for decontamination. Often a thorough cleaning may involve removal of the seats and possibly replacing some interior parts. When the vehicle is covered by insurance we will do all of the coordination with the insurance company.

The following picture is of a python that crawled into the engine and decomposed. Our ozone machine can eliminate most odors that might be problematic in a car, either biohazard or non-biohazard.

Cars, Rv’s and trucks can usually be fully decontaminated. In some cases we can clean the vehicle on site, other cases we can remove the vehicle and then deliver it back upon completion of the decontamination clean up. Auto clean up may be covered under the auto insurance policy and we can work directly with your carrier. We specialize in cleaning automobiles, trucks, vans, pickups, sedans, cars, police cars, cruisers, and any other auto that might have become contaminated with blood or other biohazard material.  In most cities around the Dallas/Fort Worth Tarrant/Dallas County area, such as Plano, Denton, Irving, Las Colinas, Garland, Keller, Southlake, Wylie, Mckinney, Hurst, Euless, Bedford and Arlington we can drive the automobile to our location and return it upon completion of the clean up.

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