Anubis Cleaning provides comprehensive blood cleanup and biohazard cleanup in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding areas. When blood has contaminated an area, professional blood cleaners are required to eliminate biohazards and make the area safe again. Our team works quickly and effectively to thoroughly clean sites both indoors and outdoors, leaving no traces.

Business owners, apartment owners, or homeowners may try to cleanup blood and body fluids by themselves, risking exposure to harmful pathogens and leaving remnants of the stain underneath the subfloor or fluids in cracks and crevices. Though visible signs may be gone, biohazard risks are still there that can present a persistent odors. We use professional equipment and methods stipulated by OSHA and Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) to get rid of blood and biohazard risks completely. We  are experienced in cleaning all surfaces, including carpet, tile,ceilings, concrete, pool areas, grass areas and the interior of vehicles.

Do not risk your property and your safety by cleaning biohazards yourself. Contact Anubis Cleaning for professional blood cleanup and elimination of all residual.