Unattended Death

An unattended death is when someone living alone passes away and is not found for a period of time. Due to the rapid decomposition of a human body, the scene can sometimes be horrendous. Factors that can determine the extent of  situation and the price of the clean up are length of time they have been deceased and also the location and temperature within the residence. We are available to immediately assess the scene and provide you with an estimate for the thorough decontamination and cleaning of the premises. Work can usually begin soon after the scene is released by investigators. If an insured premises or vehicle is involved, we will contact your carrier for you and determine what coverage can be expected, and, when requested, we can provide them with photos along with the estimate.

Unattended Death situations generally cause an extreme odor. If the scene is not properly remediated, the odor may remain indefinitely.  Cabinets, floors, toilets, doors or walls may need to be removed for the proper disinfecting to be accomplished.  Flies can leave contaminated fly feces throughout the interior of the residence. We disinfect all areas needed for decontamination from the situation. The use of a highly powerful ozone machine may be needed to eliminate the odor throughout the house and on the rest of the belongings so that they can be dispersed to family members.