Biohazard Clean Up / Biohazard Cleaning Services

We are properly certified and trained professionals, ready to help you when needed with 19 years of experience in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

Anubis SceneClean is a professional service company available to assist in the clean up of potentially biohazardous situations. We are available with assistance for those who find themselves, family members or friends in need of help due to a traumatic experience or tragic event.

As professionals, our Texas cleanup services are available to you not only because of the unpleasant conditions that may be confronting you, but also because of the emotional anguish involved in having to deal with the physical aspects of such circumstances.

Our objective is not only to decontaminate each situation in a thorough and professional manner, but also to increase awareness that there is a definite need for our type of service. Biohazard and potentially health-threatening conditions can exist due to contaminates in blood and bodily fluid. Sites of methamphetamine drug labs pose a real and present danger to subsequent occupants if not properly decontaminated, we provide sample testing for apartments, vehicles and homes. Anyone that has ever experienced a crime scene clean up, murder situation, suicide or death scene clean up, decomposed body fluid removal, blood cleanup in a car, any types of body fluid cleanup or a biohazard clean up understands the necessity for our services.

We also specialize in vehicle decontamination of biohazard fluids with an ASE Certification mechanic.