Sanitization & Disinfection Services in Dallas TX
Disinfection Cleaning Services Dallas TX

When we disinfect, we use a fine mist sprayer/fogger, full suit up and spray all areas from about 5ft down all over the room. Although its called touch surface spraying, we spray all desks, chairs, walls from the floor up to about 5 ft, file cabinets, copiers, door knobs, bathrooms, etc. We also wipe down with disinfectant all desk phones, copy machines, keyboards and mice. We then mop disinfectant on all flooring except carpet.

Our price also includes running the ozone machine for 24 hours to disinfect the air and carpet. Using UV lights have been highly effective in killing all viruses.

People cannot be inside when we spray or use the ozone machine.  All of our disinfectant is hospital grade and approved by the CDC.

We have been spraying offices, city vehicles, jails and police cars.